Mambo Seafood® Restaurants

We began operating in the neighborhoods of Southwest and North Houston in the mid 1990’s with a menu of varied seafood dishes prepared with the best elements of traditional and innovative American, Latin and Pacific seafood cuisines.

At Mambo Seafood® every order is made fresh! Share a starter with your friends and family. Try our great variety of seafood platters grilled, fried or sautéed. Visit our Seafood Market and choose from our selection of fresh fish or fresh seafood by the pound and have it cooked your way! Don’t forget about our famous Mambo Rice, a signature dish that always leaves our guests coming back for more.


Sit at our bar and watch your server shuck fresh oysters or enjoy our variety of seafood cocktails such as our famous Vuelve a la Vida®. Complete your Mambonifico® experience by sipping on an ice cold Mambo Chelada® which is our perfect blend of spices that, along with a salted mug, fresh lime juice and your favorite beer, will give the traditional “micheladas” a refreshing and spicy spin.

When you come to Mambo Seafood®, you can enjoy our large and comfortable dining spaces and patios, where Latin music creates a welcoming and lively ambiance. Our beautiful and welcoming Mambonificas®, with the rest of our Mambo Team, will make sure to give you an overall Mambonifico® experience that will make you feel at home.

At Mambo Seafood, it’s not just “good,” it’s Mambonifico®.
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It's Not Just Good, It's Mambonifico