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Mambo Chelada® Mix is a secret sauce that we’ve been serving since 1996. It is a perfect blend of spices that along with a salted mug, fresh lime juice, and your favorite beer, will give the traditional “micheladas” a refreshing and spicy spin.

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Enjoy our refreshing seasonal bottle or gallon at all our restaurants.

You can also use Chelada as a replacement to the boring buffalo sauce! Add it to food such as wings or toss it on breaded shrimp.

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a Upgrade your a

Mambo chelada

to one our seasonal flavors

Available an extra cost.


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A Michelada with a Mango ‘Rita with chamoy in the rim of a frozen mug plus pepino, jicama, mango candy and a tamarindo straw as garnish

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Michelota Roja

Clamato, maggie, Worcestershire sauce, pepper & Mambo Chelada Mix

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Michelota Negra

Worcestershire sauce, maggie, soy sauce, tamarindo syrup & Mambo Chelada Mix

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