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begins, naturally, in a kitchen—born of different cultures, but with a shared love of good food and the family that it draws together.

Mambo chelada image
Mambo chelada image

It is a celebration of the freshest, highest-quality seafood prepared with passion and skill by our exceptional chefs. This food fills our tables, which come alive with the excitement of all those with whom we share a meal.

And you can taste the Mambo difference in the oysters shucked right in front of you. Our seafood platters, fried crisp and golden, our refreshing, ice-cold Mambo Cheladas® with our secret blend of spices on the rim of a frosted mug. Add a blast of fresh lime juice and your favorite cerveza is transformed into an unforgettable classic.

But the most important Mambo difference may not be one you can taste, but you can feel in your pocket. Knowing that you can feed your family and friends the highest quality food at prices that are affordable and fair means an exceptional meal that still leaves something left over.

a So welcome to a

Mambo Seafood

where we invite you to dance to the music of our food.

Mambo chelada image
Mambo chelada image

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